S1: [A tracking device, really?]

Prompt: Create a pangram mini-story. Each sentence must begin with a consecutive letter of the alphabet.  [A…,B…, C…]

This story feels a little bit like a movie trailer. Enough information and action to [hopefully] capture your interest–but short and confusing so you’ll want to see more to find out what happens.  Unfortunately for this story, there is no more. What happens next exists purely in your imagination.


“A tracking device, really?” she scoffed.

“But it’s true! Cedric’s agents confirmed the data,” Gavin whispered urgently.

Dana clearly didn’t believe him.

“Even the inelegance committee agrees,” he protested.

“Fancy that,”  she replied coolly. “Gavin, imagine for moment that they had managed to track me. Have you got any idea what they would be doing right now with their information?”

In the silence that followed Dana smirked knowingly.  “Just let me fly around the country free as a bird, you think so?”

“Keep your voice down for goodness sake!” he interrupted.

“Let’s just say,” she hissed, “that if Zeke and his cronies knew my location, I wouldn’t be standing here breathing. Meeting up with you in a public square doesn’t exactly improve my chances at staying hidden either.”

“Now look,” Gavin argued, “the parking lot behind McDonalds is hardly a public square and I’m only telling you any of this because I–”

Overhead, sirens screeched and engines whirred suddenly interrupting Gavin.

“Pray,” Dana whispered urgently grabbing his hand and dragging him toward the woods behind the restaurant.

Quickly dashing beneath the trees, she stopped and looked him straight in the eye. “Run west toward base and I’ll meet you there in half an hour so long as I’m still alive.” She hesitated momentarily then added, “What was that you were about to say?”

“Tell you later,” Gavin replied releasing her hand. Uneasily, he turned to follow the instructions. Voices plagued him all the way back to the base. Waiting safely behind the locked doors of the mountain stronghold thirty two minutes later, Gavin wished he hadn’t let her dash away into the woods alone.

“Xerophyte,” a voice outside whispered the password.

“You’re late,” Gavin called as the doors opened; seconds later he jumped backward in shock.

Zeke strode triumphantly into the room.


  1. this is fun, angela! very fast-paced and it draws you in even though the plot is a little obscure. i think the last line gives the effect you were going for, which is amazing since the story is so short that the characters don’t have time to develop. the alphabetizing is completely unnoticeable. very nice job!

  2. Exciting, Angela! I love the way you constructed the feeling of urgency and danger surrounding the characters. It keeps you thinking ‘what? whats going on? what will happen next?!” And of course, I love mystery! I was a little confused over Zeke walking into the room, wasn’t sure who he was, but I guess thats the whole point, right? Great job! 😉

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