CW13: Harper’s Birthday Party [No “E”]

Prompt: Write a scene describing either a wedding or a party without using the letter “E.” This should be in first person, present tense.
As you might imagine, this post was not easy. I couldn’t even say the name of the birthday girl. The most difficult part, however, was avoiding little words like “the,” “she,” and “they.”

IMG_3345Pink, color of this day, adorns walls and stairs: pink balloons, pink flags, pink ribbons. And all this for a birthday. Scads of small girls don royal gowns. IIMG_3349 plug in curling irons and start transforming a girl’s straight black hair into stylish locks. For a final touch, I fix a sparkling crown atop this curly mass. Now I start again with brown curls.

Hair through, our royal troop halts for an instant in front of transfixing mirrors. Giddy with admiration, girls spin and dip for twins in mirror’s glass. Finally, this baronial company turns to additional pursuits. I watch as I stroll amid craft stations, assisting and monitoring royals.

A girl’s lip curls slowly as hands clutch an icing bag, pinching, pushing pink stars forward through a tip’s jaws.


Not far away, a girl cautiously positions colorful plastic crystals whilst waiting for aid. I pick up a gun, still sticky, hot, and oozing from its last job, and stick crystals on this girl’s pink craft. “Charming!” I grin.

IMG_3365Following an important proclamation, girls amass outdoors around a piñata. On turn, girls swing a long plastic bat. This hanging pink fort sustains many blows. But finally walls fall in and candy drops onto cold slab. Flouting royal conduct for a short span, girls rush forward to claim a portion of spoil.

I follow nobility back indoors.  Again, girls rally round a royal pink fort. Only this fort flaunts a shining array of pink wax sticks flaming with light. I snap photos.  At a mama’s prompting, girls chant a familiar song. “Happy Birthday to you…”



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