J3: Only Candles

Prompt: Could you live for a week using only candles? How would it change your life? Any advantages or disadvantages?


As I think about our prompt, scenes flit across my mind. Initially, I frown at the idea of only candles. It would wreck the modern, fast-paced American culture that I live in. But maybe…

The sun dips down beneath the horizon and I lay down my book. With only candles for light, I’m sure my grandmother would chastise me for reading. I can hear her now, “Don’t read in the dark; you don’t want your eyes to go bad, Angela.” So slowly, carrying a flickering flame, I climb the carpeted stairs up to my bedroom.

I don’t feel guilty for slipping under my covers though it’s only eight o’clock. What else can I do? When the sun smiles on me again in the morning, I will work. For now, my day is done.

I realize that with only candles for light, I couldn’t burn mine at both ends. My schedule would need a bigger overhaul than Washington. Even without candles, my schedule needs reworking. All too often I mismanage time and find myself still working (or still not working) at an hour till midnight. Because I’m up too late, I struggle to rise in the morning. Because I struggle to rise, my mornings feel rushed and I don’t spend as much time with God as I would like. Because I often don’t spend as much time with God as I need too, my days fall flat. I know candles are not the ultimate solution, Jesus is, but candles would force me to re-prioritize my days and that might be worth it.

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  1. Very good. Oddly enough, I figured that for myself, having only candles would actually motivate me to read more. Anyway, the writing is good. I like how you describe your grandmother’s prompt to head upstairs once the sun sets. It makes the post a bit more storylike, if that makes any sense. Good job!

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